Album Cover

virus - revenant

Side A

  1. flesh
  2. formation
  3. infected

Side B

  1. dead sleep
  2. greyblackflowers
  3. let's get it over with

Step into the melange of torture, bondage, cyber-psychosis, and especially the vampyr, and this can only begin to allude to the tapestry woven by this talented duo. The evolutionary process from the first temptation of Nosferatu, to the first kill, and ultimately, the decline of the family is told throughout this tape. The music borders on goth, lacking guitars, focusing on the conceptual power of the man-machine interconnection juxtaposed with the supernatural world of the first lord of the vampyr, Cain. The musical chaostrophy mixed with the the storyboard of lyrics makes for a very impressive work, highly recommended. Also check out this duo's other two side projects; hex80 and drone.

prost - arranging, processing, sampling, noise, synths, vocals
t.s.hor - vocals, processing, arranging, sampling, noise

Tapes available $5 ppd.

N.U.M. Factory
P.O. Box 545
Oak Park, IL 60303-0545
(708) 383-9858


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