Album Cover

hex80 [variable tension]

Album Cover

  1. x1 : 5:15 125bpm
  2. m2 : 4:03 157bpm
  3. p3 : 6:16 120bpm

Light electronic psychobabble, literally drenched with more samples than you could possibly imagine. Almost light enough to qualify as trance, but the few upbeat techno chords that do exist push the envelope towards rave. Acid house industrial might also aptly describe the sound produced here as well. A very high quality original work that hilight's the programming talent of these two individuals. Also check out this duo's other two side projects; virus and drone.

hex80 is J prost + T smith
all tracks written, arranged + programmed by prost + smith

Tapes available $5 ppd.

N.U.M. Factory
P.O. Box 545
Oak Park, IL 60303-0545
(708) 383-9858


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