Album Cover drone: anguished silence Album Cover

  1. anomoly:a small eruption 3:13
  2. invasion:your second calling 3:24
  3. sinacide:or death thereof 5:27

You could almost call this band Doubting Thomas's younger brother. The content and style follow the same pattern set forth by the gang from Vancouver very well. Not to say that Drone carbon copies the work, but they expand outward using the same subtle methodologies of heavy sampling coinciding with soundtrack like programming to evoke dream sequences of similar to big screen. DT fans should seriously consider picking up this cassette if they are looking for similar sounding bands. Also check out this duo's other two side projects; virus and hex80.

anthony smith - synths, rhythm programming, instance playback
jason prost - synths, rhythm programming, instance playback, vox

Tapes available $5 ppd.
N.U.M. Factory
P.O. Box 545
Oak Park, IL 60303-0545
(708) 383-9858


Album Cover

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