Album Cover

hex80: insensible burn

  1. dirty doggie
  2. babble
  3. like playing god
  4. destroy
  5. to be alive
  6. ohnakivu
  7. touch

Delving into new territory the boys from hex80 move perpendicularly away from the slow ambient trance techno to grinding rhythms more appropriate for a hardcore all night rave. Intelligent acid techno reverberating, mixing with obscure samples and combining to provide for a musical avenue touched by very few. I'd have to honestly say this would be one of the few techno area bands that I'd actually pay money to listen too time and time again because they don't often get stuck in the repetitive rut of repeating the same bass line or tacky sample over and over and over til your brains leaks out onto the floor. So if you're considering the purchase of a band whose music is always on the cutting edge of techno, pick up this new EP.

N.U.M. Factory
PO Box 545
Oak Park, IL 60303-0545
(708) 383-9858


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