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Dual Conscience: Dawn to Dusk (Part 1)

Side 1

  1. No-Time
  2. Birth
  3. New Life Celebration
  4. Transforming
  5. Transfrmation
  6. No Flesh Shall Be Spared*

Side 2

  1. Over The Edge
  2. Evolving
  3. De-Evolution
  4. Holy Spirits
  5. Dying
  6. Rite of Passage*
  7. The Final Act

I originally reviewed this release back in November back when it was in its demo stages. If I gave it rave reviews in the past, expect even more positive outlooks from it in the future. The final mixing of each track cleans up the cluttered areas, with each track flowing into the next, very much like an industrial opera, which the composer had intended it to be. The crux of the release, is that its supposed to just be part 1 of a multi-part operatic trilogy. So, if this first release is any indication of what the forthcoming parts of the trilogy will be, expect great things from this band in the future.

What attracts me to this release is the the way it mixes traditional ebm, with symphonic keys, and well chosen samples to tell a story. The album has two keys points of climax within tracks, and ends the album with a definitive conclusion. The album was obviously supposed to be listend to all at one sitting, much like Skinny Puppy's _Ain't It Dead Yet_. The rising and settling of certain tracks tell the story of 'evolution' and 'de-evolution' of the title character, the same way the various instruments in 'Peter and the Wolf' tell a story. This skill behind this amazes me, and I have high respect for the artists involved.

The closest comparisions include a mixing the best qualities of Skinny Puppy, X Marks the Pedwalk, and In the Nursery, into an audio soundscape quite unlike anything I've ever heard before. Somebody should give this artist a job scoring their next movie!

Dawn To Dusk Lyrics

Dual Conscience is: Words - Dionysus
Music, guitar - Max Edgin

Tapes available $6

Dual Conscience
3023 N. Clark St. #305
Chicago, IL 60657


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