Dual Conscience: Dawn To Dusk Lyrics


Fiat Obscuriates
Let the be darkness
The journey lies inside you
Won't you come along?

You will not need a light
To see by
For you will see more
In this darkness
Than you ever have
In any light
Thrash in a pool
Of radiance
As my soul enters
The flash

What is it
That can be happening
I used to be

Life and death inseparable
I'm hit with the pain of reality
Only a child I have become
Ages of knowledge wasted away
I must find an understanding here
Your world's so foreign to me
The time has come for growing now
Never forgetting what's inside of me

What it is I hear
I know who I am
What are you telling me?
No I'm losing sight
In the dark
I can no longer see

Birth and death
Again and again.....
Break it

New Life Celebration

The life is new
And his first sight
Is an innocent
As the dawns first light

He is taken
To holy ground
Among high hopes
And happy tears

He is blessed
By the lord above
And bathed
In a holy bath

For the rest of his life
He will know no evil
The devil in him
Has ben rejected

The flock to the child
Like birds of prey
The the new life

Right from the start
They control his heart
And turn it
Into stone (cold stone)

As years go by
The innocent cry
Becomes a cry
Of pain

His soul is yearning
To take to the sky
But his wings
Are pinned to the ground

They tear him apart
And break his heart
No longer
Can he be free

A soul has died
The child inside
Is all that he
Can ever show

The power is there
Feel it repair
The immortal being
You know once before

And then you will see
Is yours
Forever now

(A dream)

A fire
New life
A shot
To the heart
Stripped away
The birth
Gives way
To a death
The child
From his life

You have my life

New life
(a dream - Is this a dream?)
Remember when
You were so young
Remember when
You knew you could never die

You have my life, my soul
I want it
I will become you maker
Bow to me!


Pushed to the edge
Nowhere to run
The child's rage
Builds as he grows

Burning, a cinder
Shines in each eye
Glistens off faces
the one that surround him

Over the edge
Flying up high
The child's fire
Rages inside

Searching for victims
Ones that oppress
For years a servant
Now he's your master

Too far
For my life

The truth
Up high

Their power
Their souls

The source
New life

Anguishing for too long
Final truth is exposed
Victims flee run in fear
They have seen a god here
Look into angry eyes
Rage unleashed from the soul
One last rush, one last fight
Destiny starts this night

Swords pierce his flesh
Stab at his heart
The child's blood
Flows for all life

Crimson the picture
Stained all around
Unleashing anger
This rage spans all time

Over the edge
He's flying now
The child's eye
Catches the source

He's found his victims
Bow and confess
For years a servant
Now he's your savior

No Flesh Shall Be Spared

Punish those who won't give you freedom
Punish those who won't give you life
Feel the power awaken you
No mortal man can see in my darkness
Death is life for those with the knowledge
A being with no limits cannot die
Punish those who won't give you freedom
Punish those who won't give you life

Feel it building
Inside of you
The empty walls crumble
Exposing the truth

Now that I've grown
I see all their lives
No truth was spoken
Since I was a child

My potential dismembered
I must now remember
I fight for life to the death
No flesh shall be spared

The holy sacrement
Is the devils creed
Enshrouded in silence
Thriving on greed

The spirit inside
Poured into the flesh
This mortal temple
Is the true house of God

Punish those
Your life

Die for life

Over The Edge

I look into my eyes
I look deep inside
No one is here
To see what I find

I find myself
Alone in this life
Alone with my thoughts
Alone with my dreams

No longer can I see
What's in store for me
Slowly eating away

Death in life
The thing I fear most
Life in death
I'm losing control

I walk to the edge
A tear in my heart
I face the descent
Now down I shall fall

What is this I feel
As I take the final step
I'm now dying here

Something else I feel
As the ground below me nears
I'm flying
I'm ripped apart

What is this I feel
Alive but no longer breathing

I cry
But no one hears the cries of a child

I try to tell you
To hear your own heart
To break all your fears
To fly over the edge

I feel
I want to live
I want to be alive
Alive in life
Alive in this life
I want to feel
I want to love

Surround me
No longer
Can I feel


Your life
Is not your own
They pull
Their little strings
To your heart
Is what they want
To play games

They play
They play
They play
Their little games

With your heart
They tell you
What to do
They pull
Your little strings
Unsheath their knife
To slice apart your

Throat is dry
Nothing you can say
Don't let them
Take your right away
Open your eyes
To the game they play
Tell someone
How you feel today

They play
They play
They play
Their little games

With your life
Make it your own
And break
The hold they have
On your heart
The time
Is right to fight
For your life

They can't tell you
How to feel
As you
Cut away their strings
All at once
They run in fear
They've lost control

Once you start
It will never end
You'll see how
They've fucked with your head
Breaking hearts
Everywhere will mend
Their authority
Will bend

Show them
Who you really are
It's all in you
Not very far
Look in your eyes
And you will find
A God
Who's been blocked by your mind

You know
What's there is real
You can't deny
What you feel
Come alive
Let yourself go

Is a lot more sane
Than their views
You control
Your own mind
It's inside
You will see that
You are not human now

Holy Spirits

Holy spirits
Enter the flesh
Drown me in your sorrows
Drown me in your joys

Holy spirits come and take me
Take me away
Pour the venom, pour the lfe
Inside of me

Wash the pain, bring the anger
Show me the way
Holy spirits come here now
Give me a taste

Holy spirits come and join me
Far, far away
I shall reach incredible heights
swimming through time

Open up new ways of sight
Show me my soul
Join me in this place
A place called sane, sane

Hoy spirits show me, show me life
Through the haze I feel it
Echoing through me
Relax all the tension
Out of my tired flesh
Holy spirits help me to see me

There are so many ways that someone can go mad
Find one now and join me in sane
You know that they'll never try to understand you
Forget all this word and take my hand, hand

So many ways that someone can go mad
Find one now and join me in sane
You know that they'll never try to understand you
Forget all this word (my love) and take my hand

Take my hand
Take my heart
You know I love you more than anyone else
In this world I can't stand
Even in death we shall never be apart
No mortal celebration shows me how i can feel
My love, for you
You know it's true
Inside my love
Inside I care
For you
For you....

Rite Of Passage

And death
A journey
Through time

And fall
The God in
Us all

And break
A power

My death
I stand
For the call

The door slides open
The way is clear
I won't look back now
I'll show no fear
Eternity spent
Waiting for this moment
I must die for humanity

To ascend
I will be

No beat
It slows
To a crawl

I must die
To break
To break free

One last step to take
And all will be clear
One last fall to break
Away from my fears
I've passed through hell
To find my life again
Suffered for all when I
Needed a friend
The doorway's open
For eternity
Enshrouded in darkness
Use your heart to see
I give my life for immortality
I would die for humanity

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