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XLR8R: Issue 28

XLR8R magazine is certainly capitolizing on the current Electronica buzz that is sweeping the nation. They have increased the number of pages, included a glossy cover, and have finally gone with a squarebound binding instead of staples. Of course they still waste an atrocious amount of white space in their articles, but when you have the advertising to cover it, I guess it doesn't matter. This issue contains interviews with A Guy Called Gerald, The Kooky Scientist, Nick Philip, Sasha Digweed and Amon Tobin as well as a handful of other articles. The music review sections is huge as is the local scene reports for such locations as Los Angeles, New Zealand, Colorado, Brazil and France. Overall, XLR8R is quite the information pack Techno magazine although I could have done without the Fast Food Sex fetish photo shoot.

1388 Haight St
Suite 105
San Francisco, CA 94117


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