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Wired: Scenarios 'The Future of The Future' Special Edition

After almost four years of a regular monthly magazine Wired has recently published it's first special edition, the chosen topic: The Future. Amid the numerous advertisements, the huge font sets and nifty graphics lie the usual articles found in monthly issues concerning the speculation of what the various aspects of life will be like on this morbid planet in the years ahead. All the usual guest authors are present spouting the same old rhetoric that Wired has become known for almost exclusively. Why this was ever published as a special issue is beyond me? Perhaps it was the abounding commercial presence, considering that at least half of the 120 page magazine was advertisements, or maybe it the huge type face that was used for half of the articles in order to try and fit more text into a magazine full of commericial sales pitches. Thank goodness I didn't have to pay full news stand price for this special issue as it came right along with my normal subscription or I might have simply not spent the $5.95 cover price for the only one article that bothered to catch my eye. If your used to the usual Wired future auguries expect more of the same in this special edition. Not much new in the way of foresight in the future of Gaia that hasn't already be rehashed to death by every dark seer, prophet or jesus christ reborn.

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