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Wire: Issue 152

Wire is one of the premire British modern music publications currently on the news stand. This particular issue places more focus on the Industrial genre of music containing a deeply personal interview with Blixa Bargeld of Einstruzende Neubauten, an introspective look at the 20th anniversary of the first Throbbing Gristle performance art piece, and Jim O'Rourke discussing guitars with John Fahey. Also included are pieces on Pere Ubu, Lamb, Christian Vogel, Tokyo Techno and Henry Rollins. The most impressive thing about this magazine is it's total lack of corporate control that overshadows so many other publications. This has allowed Wire to speak on sensitive issues and cover the music scene without bias, which in this era is a rare thing indeed.

45-46 Poland Street
London W1V 3DF
United Kingdom


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