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Virtual Reality Handbook

inus Habens released the Virtual Reality Handbook a few years back and I finally managed to get my hands on a copy. The book itself is a half size, full length, black & white glossy pamphlet with one half in Italian and one half in English. Included with the book is a CD which includes three tracks one by ClockDVA a remix of "Virtual Flesh" and two tracks by a band named It who remind me a great deal of Adi Newton and friends and might just be ClockDVA under a pseudonym.The contents of the pamphlet are forty pages, half in each language and discuss the time line of virtual reality, give a long list of resources to have a look at, a glossary of terminology, and a few essays on the topic of virtual reality including an extension of Adi Newton's "Virtual Flesh" essay from the "Bitstream" single and an essay by It entitled "Xtreme Voyage". The pamphlet comes off as a bit terse and contains the bare essential information on the topic it is supposed to be covering. However for a collector such as myself completing their ClockDVA collection comes first and the content counts only as an added benefit.

inus Habens Records
c/o Giustino Fortunato
8/N 70125 Bari
+080 410950


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