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Sweater: Issue 2

Issue 2 picks up where the debut issue of Sweater left off continuing down the electronica path. This issue contains interviews with The Crystal ethod, Carl Cox, Cut Chemist, & Laurent Garnier. There are also tons of reviews, scene reports, performance reviews, an events calendar, fashion tips, and a gear section. Unfortunately, while very informative, Sweater still continues to have a sugar coated glaze to it's writing which makes it feel like a hype magazine rather than a true underground source. The magazine consists of almost half advertising (to help offset the costs of the magazine being free), and the writers seem to fawn over every word they set to paper. Overall, Sweater does an excellent job of covering every facet of the Techno scene but it needs to take a step back and reflect on why it is doing it before it can become a really trustworthy publication.

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