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Sweater: Issue 1

The premire issue of Sweater is a full color, full sized, ninety-six page publication that caters to the current trend of electronica. While the magazine is free, one can't help but noticed the sheer volume of advertising which borders almost on being a nuisance. In any case, the layout, design, and format is very similar to every other musical publication on the planet. This issue contains interviews with Daft Punk, Howie B, and Hardkiss as well as articles on pagan ravers, fashion, old school electronica, US club listings, as well as album and live performance reviews. Overall not a bad first issue, but the design guys need to quite wasting 20-30% of the print space on white space simply because they think three inch margins are cool.

2812 Santa Monica Blvd
Suite 204
Santa Monica, CA 90404


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