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Sonar Map: Issue 8

Sonar Map is a free, full-sized, 32 page, newsprint publication from Eugene, Oregon focusing on non-mainstream music. As a result, the features in this article cross a wide variety of musical boundaries but, the majority of the music reviews are for Industrial, Techno, and Noise acts which is odd when the only articles in this issue that are vaguely similar is the two page spread on DJ Spooky. Just about everything else in this magazine focuses on local acts which defy most musical categorization. The ' issue also includes an essay on Punk music subtitled "The Sex Pistols vs. Fugazi, 0-1", a few random comics, and a bit of poetry. The writing for the articles could be a little better, but the music reviews are excellent. Hopefully, the next issue will show an overall quality increase in the writing. Then again, Sonar Map is free.

Sonar Map
P. O. Box 25243
Eugene, OR 97402


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