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Side-Line: Issue #18

This excellent full-sized black and white magazine from Belgium is one of the leaders at bringing information on the electro-industrial and gothic scenes in Europe, and also does a fair job of representing the American scene (such as the interviews with Mentallo & the Fixer, Index, and Signal to Noise in this issue). The magazine basically just provides interviews and reviews, but with the overwhelming amount of information they put forth, you won't feel as if you're missing out on anything. The translation into English makes it spotty reading at times, but you can definitely sense the enthusiasm these people put into the magazine and appreciate the amount of hard work that went into it. It includes a tremendous amount of CD reviews; however they don't seem to be in any order, so if you're looking for a specific review, you'll have to do some searching. Also the background they use for the review section makes its hard to read at times. But these problems are more than made up by the content of the reviews; they are not afraid to give constructive criticism. This particular issue came with an incredible CD which showcases the best in a variety of European electro and industrial styles (along with the American acts Index & Signal to Noise). However, with the inclusion of this CD, the price of the magazine got jacked up quite a bit --$14 (at least that is the price I had to pay for it). (Kevin Congdon)

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Seba Dolimont
135 rue Champ du Roi
1040 Brussels, Belgium
+32 (0) 2/732.14.81

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