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Sonic Soul's Retina: Nov-Dec 1996

Once again Sonic Soul's Retina has a jam packed issue revolving around more electronic musical genres than one might believe had ever existed. This issue has articles on Future Sound of London, Ninja Tune, React, Neotropic, Kayo and Josh Wink. A handful of DJ's are also present to give their insight on the top dance tracks of the month. If you have ever had any interest in jungle, acid jazz, techno, rave, trip-hop, drum & bass or acid house this is the magazine for you. Written by am American staff, it always seem to contain even the most up to date information on new artists, DJ's, and styles from the home of electronic dance itself, England. Now if I could only learn how to dance, I'd be set.

Sonic Soul's Retina
2905 O'Donnell St
Baltimore, MD 21224
(410) 675-4409


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