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Sonic Soul's Retina: Issue 18

Retina is a 38 page, full sized, newsprint, quarterly publication based out of aryland that focuses primarily of electronica. As one would expect that means cursory articles on Moby, the rise in popularity of MTV's AMP, and a few other less than memorable techno DJ's. The rest of the magazine is chocked full of name checking music reviews, self-indulged playlists and even an article on the state of drum'n'bass (formerly known as jungle). Unfortunately, with a music format meant mostly for clubs, this much ego intensive and over opinionated style of writing is almost too much to handle in a single sitting. Retina just needs to take the chip off it's shoulder and stop treating electronica like it is the next big rage. Instead they need to focus on an in depth, unbiased view of the scene so they can survive the current media hype and continue to exist long after the latest Prodigy single is found in the cut-out bins of every Tower Records store across the country.

Sonic Soul's Retina
2905 O'Donnell St.
Baltimore, MD 21224


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