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Sonic Soul's Retina: Sep/Oct 1996

Sonic Soul's Retina is a free, bimonthly, full sized, color newsprint publication available in record stores across the US. This issue's feature articles are on Meat Beat Manifesto, Tetsu Inoue & Electric Skychurch. At this point you might be able to sense the pattern of techno, jungle, and rave artists whose compose the primary genre of this magazine. The remainder of the issue is dedicated to music reviews and label documentaries on artists and labels I've never heard of before, and I consider myself rather knowledgeable when it comes to electronic music. In fact of the over 80 album reviews, I only recognized three artists, and only owned one. Kudos definitely go out to a publication who is doing their best to expose new electronic talent before the rest of the media.

Sonic Soul
2905 O'Donnell St
Baltimore, MD 21224
(410) 675-4409


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