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Resonance: Issue 7

This Seattle based techno zine is still going strong after more than a year of publication. So strong in fact that they have branched out into the diverse genre of electronic music and have begun to cover fringe bands like Cocteau Twins and Cluster. On occasion Resonance has even been known to dabble in the thriving Seattle experimental, noise, avante-garde scene as well. This issue contains extended articles on Orbital, Richie Hawtin & the Cocteau Twins as well as small pieces on Prodigy, Perfume Tree & Saul Stokes. The usual live performance reviews are just as musically diverse and the record reviews have begun to cover all avenues of music. It is refreshing to find a magazine that has gone out of it's way to recognize the true diversity of music while every other publication seems to have focused on a single finite genre. Perhaps that is why Resonance is labels a parameter free music magazine.

P.O. Box 95628
Seattle, WA 98145
(206) 525-6968


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