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Resonance: Issue 5

Resonance is a full sized, twenty-four page, free newspaper available in various music shops across the northwest. The primary focus of the magazine is on trance, techno, rave, gabba, ambient dub, and other similar electronic music variants. Included are interviews with Air Liquide and Banco de Gaia, as well as various music reviews, upcoming musical events, and DJ introspectives. There is also a very intriguing article about music as an aural intoxicant and it's effect on the individual. This intriguing ideal has been an integral part of my life since the inception of my own publication, so it really hit home. It's nice to know that somewhere out in the musical blue yonder someone values music in their life as much as I do.

P.O. Box 95628
Seattle, WA 98145-2628
(206) 525-6968


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