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Resonance: The Northwest's Own Electronic Music Magazine

I picked up this free 24 page zine printed on high quality newsprint on my way through Seattle. For the most part the magazine focuses on the more beat oriented dance electronics such as tribal, jungle, gabba, and rave. The meat of the magazine includes an interview with Taylor 808 (of 808 State) and an essay on Global Communication. The magazine seems to be really up with the times emphasizing the global communications net as a primary source of information gathering. Resonance also provides enough digested material within it's musical genre to give even the high bpm illiterate person such as myself an in depth description of the dancefloor mainstay. One downside, because it's free, I'm not sure if there is a subscription service for those not located within the boundaries of the Pacific Northwest area of the U.S.

Resonance Magazine
P.O. Box 95628
Seattle, WA 98145-2628
(206) 525-6968


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