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Release: Issue 3/97

Release is a fifty page, full sized, color cover, glossy magazine hailing from Sweden and published entirely in Swedish. As a result this means that the majority of the English dominant Industrial scene might as well use this magazine for kindling. However, Release has been kind enough to grace us with an English transcription of their product on the Internet. So hop on-line and head to their web site for articles on Koop, Mesh, Moby, KMFDM, EnCounter, Rammstein, Aphex Twin, Paradise Lost, Dark Side Cowboys, Merzbow, NON, and Alan Wilder, who graces the cover of this issue. Music reviews are plentiful, but they seem to focus on the larger acts like KMFDM, Lard, and Foetus, with most of the smaller acts simply lacking in presence. There is also an inordinate amount of space devoted to the current Scandinavian synth-pop phenomena. Overall, Release is a great magazine, unfortunately it's hard copy doesn't do me much good since I am too clueless to read Swedish.

P.O. Box 7144
402 33 Gotborg


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