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Raygun: November 1995 Issue 31

With My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult plastered all over the cover of this issue my hopes that the electro industrial genre might at least get decent press attention have been raised. The artwork and page layout are damn impressive and the interview with Peter Hook formerly of Joy Divison came as a total surprise. Raygun at least has the sensibility to realize that the alternative scene doesn't start and end with that post-punk grunge crap that dominates the radio waves lately. The electronic music genre appears to have obtained equal billing as the rest of the MTV spewed media blitz. The one thing that surprised me is that the information overload of the internet seems to have avoided contact with Raygun as it remains totally devoid on net specific advertising or feedback communication with it's readers. This definitely makes Raygun the odd magazine out but perhaps that is it's saving grace and that by avoiding the bandwagon they can still continue to publish to a wide variety of musical listenership and avoid the drivel many magazines have stooped towards as of late.

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Santa Monica, CA 90405

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