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Permission: Issue 8

With the advent of a new business editor and office location, Permission is now armed to finally begin to be published with a relatively normal frequency which to some people is considered a minor miracle. In any event, this new issues also brings about several new format changes which include the addition of a great deal of color, articles written in not only English, but in Spanish, French and Japanese, and the editor proclaiming that Permission has become an 'industrial fashion magazine' which is a definite contradiction in terms. Nevertheless, Permission continues it's tradition of publishing a wide variety of articles and interviews which include Underworld, Sheep on Drugs, Thrill Kill Kult, Corpus delicti, Cindy Talk, Collide, Battery, Gaji, Luxt, Lush, Alien Faktor, Venus Walk, Sphere Lazza, and Mimic Mind. There are also tons of counter culture articles on topics such as vegganism, old arcade games, Denny's across America, science geeks, San Francisco clubs, magazines, Usenet and more interviews than you can read at one sitting. Pardon me, my brain is exploding from all this content!

Permission Magazine
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