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Permission: Issue 8

Permission is back from a long absence to slap it's readers across the face with it's new hard bound format and choice of paper stock. With the increase in size to 128 glossy pages comes only a mild increase in cover price. Included within the now massive magazine are interviews with the Young Gods, Swans, Legendary Pink Dots, Allegory, Dessau, Scorn, Birmingham 6, The Damned, amonsgt others, and a lifetime retrospective on Skinny Puppy. The now defunct Arc magazine returns with a special section that retains all the original quality of it's parent publication. Permission now stands at the top of the Gothic Industrial publishing heap as the premire magazine here in the United States. No more will we have to tolerate the substandard editing of other magazines now that Permission has found someone who can edit even my own insipid tripe printed within. Take that Industrial Nation!

Permission Magazine
665 Third Street #245
San Francisco, CA 94107


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