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Outburn: Issue 6

Raymond Watts Pig graces the cover of Outburn Issue #6 in all his orvine glory. Also contained inside this 70 page, oversized issue are articles on KMFDM, Deathride 69, :wumpscut:, Death in June, An April March, Out Out, Thanatos, Malign, James Plotkin, Randolph's Grin, Hazard, Deathline International, Covenant and Robert Rich. Along for the ride are guest articles by Jarboe, a scene report by BeatMistress, an editorial and feedback page, over 100 album reviews, and a handful of demo reviews. Outburn's layout once again looks stunning with it's glossy paper stock and artist contributions by over 20 talented painters, photographers, and digital artists. Outburn continues in the tradition of stunning layout and design without skimping on the content with this issue.

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