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Outburn: Issue 5

With the release of this issue, Outburn once again proves that it is the only magazine in the Gothic / Industrial genre that knows how to publish on time. With every other major competitor publishing twice a year at best, often with mediocre quality, Outburn's quarterly publication and stunning layout make for quite a change of pace. As usual, each issue of Outburn brings a new format change and this time it's an over-sized format so they can squeeze even more information inside the magazine. This issue features articles on The Young Gods, Mentallo & The Fixer, Dead Voices On Air, Faith & The Muse, Xorcist, The Shroud, Clan of Xymox, You Shriek, Paul Schutze, and The Wake. Also included are a ton of music reviews, a massive live scene report, a best of 1997 countdown, and guest artists and photographers who helped contribute to the overall look and feel of the issue. What can I say? Outburn never ceases to amaze me!

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Los Angeles, CA 90066-0119


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