Magazine Cover

Outburn: Issue 3

Issue 3 of Outburn contains the first color cover since the magazine's inception. Once again Outburn retains it's 36 page, full sized, glossy format while putting the artwork of Eric Dinyer to good use on it's cover. The layout and the glossy pages continue to remain eye catching yet remain easy to read. If one were to judge the quality of this magazine by it's conceptual design alone, it would win hands down over every other underground magazine on the market. Other magazines could really learn a thing or two about graphic arts design from Outburn. Content-wise, this particular issue contains interviews with The Razor Skyline, Godflesh, Eric Dinyer, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Dichroic Mirror & Snog as well as over 50 album reviews and 10 tape/demo reviews. Outburn is definitely a magazine doing excellent work and I hope it continues doing so for long time into the future.

P.O. Box 66119
Los Angeles, CA 90066-0119


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