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Ora: Issue 1

Ora is a free, sixteen page, half-sized publication hailing from San Diego which is run by the US distributor of Out of Line Records and Sideline agazine. This particular issue contains an interview with Endraum, Mesh, Fading Colours, & End of Orgy as well as a label profile on Weisser Herbst Produktion. Also included are about 25 album reviews and a few mini-reviews on Weisser Herbst Produktion artists. The layout and artwork inside ORA is minimal at best, but because it is printed on a high quality paper it looks exceptionally clean and professional. I hesitate to call it a magazine because of it's size, but it is a handy little pamphlet crammed full of information on primarily foreign Industrialesque artists.

Ora Musik Magazin
P.O.Box 34038
San Diego, CA 92163


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