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Option: May-June 1995

Option claims to be the Music Culture magazine for Generation X. It is like the Details of the alternative music world. I primarily picked up this magazine for the Chemlab interview and the simple fact that it contained advertising for such diverse labels as Extreme, Paragoric, Fifth Column & Instinct. Any newstand magazine that carries that kind of music label backing must at least have an inkling of what music culture is today. After thumbing through most of the magazine I concluded that Option did indeed cater directly to the 'alternative' music culture at just about every single level and genre in existence. Option is the only other Newstand magazine that I have had the pleasure of reading besiding Alternative Press. The only drawback is that it is published bimonthly but at the attractive cost of only $3.50 an issue for a 154 full color glossy magazine I'm not complaining too much.

Option Magazine
1522-B Cloverfield Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90404

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