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Ongaku Otaku: Issue 2

Ongaku Otaku is a magazine about independent Japanese music written by none other than Mason Jones of Charnel Music & the band Trance. Ongaku Otaku is a 136 page, full sized publication, with a glossy color cover, and newsprint pages. This particular issues contains interviews with Otomo Yoshihido, Aube, SHizuka, Jojo Hiroshige, Super Junky Monkey, God Mountain, and articles on Iced Coffee, Kata Amano, Manga, Japanoise, Anime, Books, Magazines. There are also hundred of record reviews that while focused mostly on Japanese noise and other similar genres, also do feature a few more 'pop' influenced as well. Mason has certainly done his homework with this magazine, as it is almost a handbook to Japanese subculture with only a hint of Western influences. Definitely a magazine for those interested in what the Japanese equivalent of Generation Xer's are into as well as an excellent source of rare and independent Japanese artists.

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