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Neue Slowenische Kunst

This limited edition hard cover is meant to be a ten year retrospective on the history and art of the NSK collective. The book itself is divided into five sections; music, art, theater, philosophy & propaganda. The first section focuses mostly on Slovenia's prodigal songs Laibach. It includes an extended discography, lyrics, interviews, reviews, performances, and all related Laibachian artwork. The section if a large expose on NSK Irwin art movement. The three section deals with the Scipion Nasice Sister Theater and contains several script sections and many photographs of liver performances and installations. The fourth section describes in intricate detail the Department of Pure and Applied Philosophy. The final section contains a wide variety of both artwork and written NSK political propaganda. The book when taken as a whole serves as a mere snapshot of the NSK organization and what they ideals in which they believe. The only true way to understand the motives of the NSK is to acquire a passport and immigrate there. However, I think I'll practice a little discretion and place this book prominently on my bookshelf instead.

P.P. 75
61117 Ljubljana


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