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Necropolis: Issue #1

Necropolis is a free, color cover, black & white, laser printed, half sized pamphlet subculture magazine recently introduced in the Indianapolis, IN area. While the primary focus is on the gothic subculture and the magazine aptly self titles itself as 'gothic ironic', the industrial culture appears in a few disparate sections as well. The whole magazine seems to be an outlet for it's editor to rant and rave about whatever his heart desires. This includes such things as reprinted alt.gothic posts, comics, poetry, short stories, book reviews, music commentaries, and Internet information all packed within a tiny twelve pages. There is a great deal of tongue and cheek humor and LSD laced sarcasm in each and every feature. It's good to know that someone has this kind of free time to right apart their chosen life style for the amusement of themselves and others and make it available for free.

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