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ND: Issue 20

After almost a year of silence, ND returns to the scene with a huge 112 page double issue. The size increase also brings a price increase to $6 an issue, but with so much information jammed into ND these days, it is a bargin at any price. This issue's features include Susanne Lewis, JLIAT, Roger Doyle, The New Blockaders, Colin Potter, Michael Prime, Andrew Chalk, Organum, Giancarlo Tonitutti, Willem De Ridder, Kiyshi Mizutani, MSBR, Hal Rammel, Bronius Kutavicius, Cranioclast, Artur Tyber, Stuart Brisley and emprientes DIGITALes. Also included are reams of audio and publication reviews, far too numerous to count. ND has definitely made up for it's time away with this stellar issue. Now if they can retain a regular publishing schedule we will all be very happy.

ND Magazine
P.O. Box 4144
Austin TX 78765


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