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ND: Issue 19

ND continues to the most well written and thorough atmospheric experimental music magazine on the market regardless of its highly inaccurate publishing schedule. Contained within each issue are more interviews and music reviews of bands and people that I've never heard of before, that nonetheless make me want to run out to my local record shop and tear frantically thought the merchandise just to get a listen of their material myself. In depth interviews with Robert Rich and Christopher Heeman (formerly of H.N.A.S.) amongst others are extremely in depth and leave the reader intimately familiar with the lives and associated art forms of those individuals being interviewed. Also included are label and radio contact information and hundreds of succinct music reviews across the entire 'industrial' music genre. If you are looking for any small scrap of information, no matter how tiny, on an experimental musician, performance artist or record label ND is the place to look. Not band for only $3.95 an issue.

ND Magazine
P.O. Box 4144
Austin TX 78765


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