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Mondo 2000: Issue 15

Just when you thought Mondo had died a bitter death, it hops back into the limelight with the first new issue in almost two years. While originally publishing on a regular quarterly schedule, Mondo hit a speed bump about two years back for reasons still unknown to the public. However, they are back and still focusing on the fringe cultures of the world just as they were in the past. This issue has features on music, fashion, cult drugs, and technology that spans so far across Ubernoire boundaries that it defies any type of conventional label definition. As always Mondo is on the bleeding edge in all facets of society and is just as hell bent on the ritual of escapism as it is upon dealing with sensitive issue such as the death of a cultural icon. Now if they could just get their publishing schedule back in order I would not have to supplement my fix with poor Mondo knock offs.

ondo 2000
P.O. Box 10171
Berkeley, CA 94709-0717
(510) 845-9018


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