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Mondo 2000 #14 Spring/Summer 1995

Interviews with Poppy Z. Brite, Bruce Sterling, the editor of Spin, abound in this overtly late issue of Mondo 2000. Joining the trend of other popular counterculture magazines in never meeting a publishing date, Mondo 2000 at least has it's outstanding graphics and page layout team as it's saving grace. The concept of quarterly has been sacrificed for the sake of content. The usual metaphysical menagerie that made Mondo famous is ever present along with the half naked models, conspiracies theories, little gray men and obnoxious letters to the editor.

What exactly is the deal with Bruce Sterling? The man must be getting slightly annoyed with the volume of interviews he's given out in the past few months. It's as if his fifteen minutes of fame has been extended to fifteen years and the sheer amount of work published by and interviews given has increased almost as fast as people flock to get connected to the Internet. I enjoy Sterling's work tremendously, but come on here can;t we give this guy a moments peace?

Aside form the usual fluff are the mainstay articles. Poppy Z. Brite of gothic homoerotic fiction is displayed in all her resplendent glory (read: naked) for all of her adoring fans. Her two previous books are discussed in detail as well as her new work of fiction entitled "Exquisite Corpse". My only experience with Brite's work was a four blitz of the gothic fluff novel, "Lost Souls" which I thought was more of a satirical jab at the gothic community than perhaps was actually intended. I enjoy a dark macabre world as much as the next freak but it seemed to lack any depth of character of finality of plot. The new novel is supposed to be a departure from much of the fantasy vampire world favored by Brite with the introduction of 'hacker' characters. Perhaps I'll pick peruse a copy for the literary value.

Not to be any more nitpicky but I never could quite figure out the point behind ondo 2000. Maybe I'm too mainstream behind the black clad exterior but publishing nudity, alien domination, drug induced nightmares amongst industry leaders in fiction, science fiction, comics, art in order to try and make us feel members of the subculture they are trying to purvey is a bit of a stretch. Nonetheless Mondo has always been an excellent hit of brain candy to point out what the counter culture is accomplish and what to avoid. If that is all Mondo is trying to do at the face value of the magazine then perhaps they are doing their readership some good but if they are trying to foster a cult of generation x wannabes I can recommend them a good psychologist for their delusions of grandeur.

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