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M.K. Ultra: Issue 6

.K. Ultra is a free, black & white, half sized newspaper located out of Indianapolis, IN which focuses on the gothic/industrial subcultures. This issue celebrates their first anniversary and nominates The Electric Hellfire Club as the band of the year. Other interviews also include Genesis P-Orridge, Ruby, isfits, & Garbage. M.K. Ultra enjoys not taking itself seriously and goes out of its way to be absurd, offensive, and down right rude, but the do tend to do it in rather unique ways. One of the most amusing ways they make fun of the established community is by including a huge section of personals ads, which upon further inspection, can't possibly be real. Who'd really believe an advertisement for "Progressive Protestant into Christian S&M seeks godly woman for crucifixion fantasies"? The letters column sparkled with fiction and non-fiction is also quite hilarious. M.K. Ultra also seem to go out of their way to print the most patently offensive advertisements possible as well. I have to applaud a free publication, printed in a very conservative town, for going out of it's way to satirize the local populace in a way only it could.

.K. Ultra
P.O. Box 11225
Indianapolis, IN 46201
(317) 767-7837

E-mail: none

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