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MFTEQ: Music From The Empty Quarter #10 August 1994

I picked up this half sized bound zine at the Gothic Convergence festival in Chicago in July. The issue is a year old, but nonetheless is packed full of more useful information that most current Industrial genre zines I've seen. Interviews with T.A.G.C., Scorn, Swamp Terrorists, Dive, KMFDM, and the lists goes on. Pages and pages of highly informative unbiased musical reviews all packed tightly in a 116 page white paper stock bound zine. For the price of a mere two Pounds Sterling (US $6) there were more interviews, music reviews, and literary columns that in ANY U.S. publication of a similar nature. These British certainly know how to put together a high quality magazine.

The Empty Quarter
P.O. Box 87, Ilford
Essex IG1 3HJ, UK
+44 (0)81 518 3092

E-mail: none

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