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Manifold: Issue 7

anifold magazine is a twenty page newspaper insert style magazine which focuses on experimental, ambient and noise music. Manifold also coincidently enough is also the name of the parent record label owned by the editor which focuses on the same genre of music. Feature interviews include Scorn, Mandible Chatter, and Crawl Unit as well as a cover story and discussion with Voice of Eye. The remainder of the magazine is chocked full with over one hundred extensive music reviews. Calling them extensive doesn't even begin to do just to the quality of the music review section. Manifold has without a doubt the most comprehensive and inclusive audio review section of any print magazine. It even made me feel a little inadequate about my own magazine's music review section. All this and the magazine still doesn't cost it's readership a dime.

Manifold Records
P.O. Box 12266
emphis, TN 38182


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