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Internet Underground Guide

  1. atdt
  2. SMTP samples
  3. FTP samples
  4. WWW samples
  5. hang up
  6. Klange - Sexual Tendencies
  7. Klange - No Future (I Saw Him in the Labyrinth mix)

The Internet Underground Guide is a half size booklet whose intent is to get the industrial community acquainted with the concept of the Internet, give them instructions on how to get connected to the Internet regardless of their country of origin, and give them a handful of resources to look up once they acquire Internet access. The accompanying CD contains over one hundred sound samples garnered from a wide variety of sites across the Internet as well as two never before released tracks by Klange which were performed over an ISDN multicast in Italy and simultaneously recorded specifically for this pamphlet. For someone already informed about the Internet this guide is only of novelty value unless they are a completist collector of Klange material or if they are looking for some new and perverse sounds for their computer. However for someone who hasn't ever been connected to the Internet, this is a very helpful resource albeit a local bookstore might have a more thorough and complete book available as well, minus the musical samples and Klange material of course.

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