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Interface: Issue 4.1

Issue 4.1 marks the completion of the merge between Cyberlogue and Interface. As a result Andy Waggoner has stepped back from much of the feature writing to work on the graphical layout and Rik Millhouse has taken over the role as editor. The end result is a magazine that has a very similar format as Interface did, but with some new faces, celebrity columns, and a spiffier design. The regular guest columnists are such well known artists and label slumlords as Chris Randall, Michael Mahon, Chase, Paul Robb, & Athan Maroulis. Each month these columns will explore a different facet of the industry, as only those who have worked within it for years, truly can. This issue features articles and interviews with The Cranes, Crocodile Shop, Cyrnai, Foetus, Bruce Gilbert of Wired, Godflesh, Keiji Hano, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Dirk Ivens, Joy Eelectric, Juo reactor, Edward Ka-Spel, Merzbow, Project Pitchfork, Sister Soleil, and Templebeat. With such a varied cast of writers and articles, Interface has definitely succeeded with its new format and should continue to perform at this level with the talented staff it currently houses.

Interface Magazine
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