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Interface: Issue 3.1

Interface has earned the title of Industrial Nation's kid brother which is anything but an apt analogy unless your younger sibling happens to score perfect on the SAT making you play the fool. Interface continues to release a quality publication which is leaps and bounds above it's supposed brethren. This issue contains interviews with Dead Voices on Air, Download, EBN, The Fair Sex, Haloblack, Haujobb, Leaetherstrip, Prototype 909, Severed Heads, Steril, Trust Obey and The Young Gods. Also included are four different music reviews sections segmented by musical styles and reviewer which is probably one of the best review concepts I've seen used recently. The layout and design continue to remain pristine with one of the easiest to read formats while still utilizing a high volume of graphical backgrounds and content. One should also note the fact that Interface has moved from the Chicago area to St. Louis as of the summer of 1996, so assuming the magazine survives the move we can continue to forward to future issues with perhaps a slightly altered sense of geographical perspective.

Interface Magazine
3524 N. Southport Ave., Suite 141
Chicago, IL 60657

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