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Interface: 2.2

Interface 2.2 comes at us a little late but well worth the wait. What the magazine skimps on in layout design it more than makes up for in readability. Andy Waggoner does an excellent job of making sure that the magazine can be read for content without sacrificing a great deal in the artwork department. The magazine has grown in size immensely and is now fifty pages in length as well as having a full color cover. Contained within are the usual interviews, music reviews, as well as several editorial style comment sections written by various people concerning the state of the industry as well as a technical section which features a Macintosh discussion on SCSI interface. This month's feature interviews include 16 Volt, Dessau, KMFDM, Lycia, The Machine in The Garden, Minus Sign, Peter Murphy, Penal Colony, Prick, Siewolf, and Swans. My only real complaint with this issue is that it's music review section while diverse and containing many reviews, has very little to say about each particular review beyond a few simple sentences. After reading all of the review, I feel as if it has barely scratched the surface of the album. It should also be noted that this issue of Interface is available free in the Chicago area at a wide variety of music stores so you no longer have an excuse to not pick it up.

Interface Magazine
3524 N. Southport Ave., Suite 141
Chicago, IL 60657

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