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Interface: Issue 2.1

A full sized, color cover 36 page magazine out of Chicago. A dramatic increase in size and quality from the previous issue on a half sized black & white card stock. Printed on high quality white card stock with a very impressive graphic layout. Interviews with Usherhouse, PWEI, Killing Joke, Spahn Ranch and appearing on the cover, Trent Renzor of Nine Inch Nails with an interview with Chris Vrenna on the inside. Over forty music reviews, each an extended paragraph in length with a scanned in cover of the album. Also included are reviews of boxed sets, videos, books and magazines. Interface definitely stands out as one of the better produced underground industrial zines on the market on par with Permission and Arc, and most definitely better than Industrial Nation in quality. Individual issues are $2.50, a year subscription for $10 (4 issues). Interface should be carried in Tower Records and throughout Chicago or order via snail mail.

Interface Magazine
3524 N. Southport Ave., Suite 141
Chicago, IL 60657

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