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Interface: Issue 12

Interface magazine keeps on growing, this time with with an additional 12 more pages for a total of 82, making it the largest US based fanzine on the market. This issue contains articles on Atari Teenage Riot, Biosphere, C-Tec, Curve, Duran, Duran, F.M. Einheit, Non, Rammstein, Recoil, Rx, Soul Whirling Somewhere, Vapourspace, and Velvet Acid Christ The usual columns by Chase, Athan Maroulis, Michael Mahan, and Chris Randall with a newly added bonus of Eric Chamberlin of Index donating an excellent article on samplers. Three other technology oriented articles cover Mod tracking, TekFiend, and a review of the E-Mu E-Synth. However, the most detailed article is on the fusion of Techno and Noise that is fueling such labels as Ant-Zen, Posessive Blindfold Recordings, as well as artists like Speedy J, Noisex, Synapscape and Scar Tissue. All this and almost 18 pages of music, zine, movie, and video game reviews. Interface seems to top itself with every issue. Hopefully it can continue to maintain it's momentum with future issues.

Interface Magazine
3524 N. Southport Ave., Suite 141
Chicago, IL 60657


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