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Interface: Issue 11

Issue 11 of Interface is the largest yet with over 70 pages dedicated to electronic music, 13 interviews, a feature article on women in electronic music, and the usual assortment of regular columnists. Interface sticks with the layout from several issues back which suits them well. The graphic design in minimal but effective and the text is easy to read. This issue's features include Clan of Xymox, Covenant, Front Line Assembly, Keoki, Kevorkian Death Cycle, KMFDM, Lords of Acid, Gary Numan, Portishead, Prodigy, Klaus Schutze, Subconscious Studios and Yamo. Also included is a film review of Alien: Resurrection and reviews of two electronic studio software packages: Rebirth and Opcode Studio Vision One. Over 100 music reviews, several video game reviews, around 10 artist spotlights, scene news and unsigned artist information round out the magazine. Once again, Interface can do no wrong!

Interface Magazine
3524 N. Southport Ave., Suite 141
Chicago, IL 60657


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