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Industrial Nation: Issue 14

With the latest issue of Industrial Nation only three months late, they actually appear to be getting closer to a regular release schedule. As usual Industrial Nation is the encyclopedia of the Industrial/Gothic scene and still arranged in a less than ostentatious style of graphical design. That particular issue features a huge interview with Survival Research Laboratories, Scar Tissue, Cubanate, Merzbow, Chemlab & Cobalt 60. It also contains smaller articles on Dystopia One, Test Dept., Oneroid Psychosis, din_fiv, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Cyrnai, Pain Station, New Mind & Christ Analogue. Of course you can't possibly ignore the over 150 album reviews and two pages of demo reviews (or the associated spelling errors). The only new change to Industrial Nation is it's now casual use of color advertisement, not only inside the covers but scattered throughout the magazine. You'd think with this kind of advertisement they would finally be able to escape printing the magazine on newspaper and move to a glossy paper stock. I suppose beggars can't be choosers since only a handful of other magazines can even begin to compare to the volume of information present in this magazine. I just hope that eventually someone with some design and copy editing skills kicks this magazine hard enough to change it for the better instead of remaining the mediocre quality magazine it has been for the last several issues.

Industrial Nation
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