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Industrial Nation: Issue 13

It seems that it took an amazingly long five grueling years for Industrial Nation to finally release an issue that might pass as quality. Of course it took the addition of Ken Holewczynski, formerly of Arc magazine, to the art staff, as well as his merry crew of music reviewers to accomplish this feat. Yet, the key faults of the magazine still continue to be it's lack of quality proof reading and the shoddy paper upon which it is printed. For all the hype Industrial Nation seems to get, even it's five year anniversary issue cannot escape such simple mistakes as typo's in the table of contents. The only item that seem to rescue the magazine is it's content, if you can look past the constant bad grammar and lack of editing. This issue contains a variety of interviews with bands like Death Ride 69, Meat Beat Manifesto, Dessau, Apparatus, Cyber-tec, Steril, Collide, and :wumpscut: as well as it's usual monthly columns written by the likes of Brian McNellis and Chase. Also included for your consumption is a five year retrospective which reprints several of the stronger band interviews Industrial nation had conducted in the past. Finally there are the music reviews, which for the most part are not half bad, with the exception of what appears to be a preschooler hidden in amongst people who actually have a firm grasp of the English language. I guess we can't all be perfect but surely Industrial Nation could learn a lesson or two from the handful of quality publications and weed out it's problem areas, then again maybe not.

Industrial Nation
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