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Industrial Nation: Issue 12

It seems that Industrial Nation has finally completed an about face in the quality control department. After four years of absolutely horrid editing and proofreading on the part of the staff one would be hard pressed to find a typographical error of any kind in this issue. This is definitely a turn for the better for what has been phrased in the industry as "The industrial music publication to which all others should compare themselves too". This issues featured articles include; Download, Ministry, Battery, Pigface, Snog, Acumen, Vidna Obmana, Leaetherstrip & The Process. The usual music reviews, scene reports, and industry columns are ever present. However they have expanded their music review section to include a discrete section on demo and independent type releases. Once again Jayson Elliot from Permission Magazine has been responsible for the cover art with what is probably the best cover since the magazines inception even if you ignore the blatant inanity of the taglines on the top and bottom of the cover. "Music as hard as the world we live in", Indeed!

Industrial Nation
P.O. Box 23184
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523


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