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Industrial Nation: Issue 11 Summer 1995

How shall I begin? Five issues of Industrial Nation in four years, and the last two within the last six months. It appears that IN is finally going to deliver that quarterly status that it has been advertising for years. As usual the front covered is gratuitous models having little to do with any feature inside of the magazine. I for one would think that perhaps putting a band on the cover of the magazine might actually increase sales. The overall format of the IN is the same as it's been for the last 5 issues, full sized, glossy cover, 96 pages of newsprint chocked full of typoes. It's amazing that every other industrial related zine is ALWAYS compared to IN when IN has consistently offered shoddy production. Enough with the philandering of the torrid editing criteria and onto the meat of the magazine.

This issue features no less than eight band interviews like: Mentallo & The Fixer, Dive, Killing Floor, SMP & Lords of Acid, but also an in depth look at H-Gun Labs, the premire industrial video pioneers. The usual columnists Chase, cNellis & Zacharitz are ever present along with the plethora of reviews this time with many of the album covers scanned in beside the reviews. If you've ever had an experience with IN before expect more of the same. IN has stayed pretty constant with it's contents over the years. The only real saving grace for the magazine is the interviews and the reasonable price. Perhaps I've being a bit harsh but if I had the cash to put out a printed publication like IN I'd try to be a little more professional in my appearance.

Industrial Nation
P.O. Box 23184
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523


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